Konbit Nèg Lakay Community Center offers a full-time, comprehensive after-school program that includes a wide range of activities, from computer to homework assistance. KNL aims to help students improve literacy, academic performance, behavior, attendance and col­lege/career awareness.

KNL focuses on preparing students for a successful future in their next grade level.

Konbit Nèg Lakay after school offers

  • Access to Computers
  • Learning Labs Homework Center
  • Field Trips
  • Guest Speakers

Haitian has moved to America to improve their lives. Many parents do not have the amount of time to help their children with their schoolwork. Most parents work 24/7 to provide for their family. By the time parents gets home from work they are too tired to discuss their schoolwork so they youth are left with arduous work to complete.

Many parents within the Haitian community have significant language barriers. Therefore, they do not have the opportunity to help their children with schoolwork. The center’s after school and homework program provides culturally assistance is critical to academic success and helps out many youth within our community improve difficulties in subjects.

Having a community with after school homework assistance is a better opportunity for students who are not doing so well in their subjects. This shows them that, yes there are other ways to improve with your schoolwork and not to give up hope. The program helps youth do there more often

How does KNL after school work?

The Konbit Nèg Lakay after school begins at 3:00pm with a snack and dismiss at 6:00pm. From Monday to Friday, KNL students enjoy a 45-minute class in their chosen subjects, a 1 hour homework session and a 45 minutes recreation period. On Fri­days, they choose less formal classes like chess, youth development, French, Creole and History. Interested parents can pick up an application at Konbit Nèg Lakay Community Center. There are only 35 spots per semester so students are selected on a first-come first-served basis.