Konbit Nèg Lakay Inc. (KNL) is a well respected, Haitian non-profit community organization established in Rockland County in 1987, for the purpose of assisting Rockland's substantial (and growing) Haitian community, while raising awareness and appreciation of the Haitian culture and promoting understanding among all communities within the county.

Over the weekend, Haiti was hit by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that crumbled homes and buildings as well as killed over 1,200 people and 5700 injured as the numbers are rising as rescue missions are underway. Towns were destroyed, buildings were reduced to rubble and hospitals are overwhelmed. Konbit Neg Lakay & Rockland County Haiti Relief has launched a GoFundMe to raise funds to assist and support those in need in Haiti. Please help in donating any funds you can which will be used to purchase medical supplies and much more.
Konbit Neg Lakay & Rockland County Haiti Relief is a 501c(3) organization. Your donation will be tax deductible and will go to support our programs and services in Haiti.


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